Warrington House Coffee Shop & Restaurant



Warm Crusty Croissants (2) with Butter & Jam                                                                                    £3.65


2 Slices of Toast with Butter, Jam & Marmalade                                                                                 £2.55


Wye Valley Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs                                                                                     £5.95




Poached Eggs sat on Maple Bacon on Sourdough Toast with Hollandaise Sauce                                         £7.25


Poached Eggs & Mushrooms on Soourdough Toast with Hollandaise Sauce (v)                                            £6.95


Devilled Mushrooms Sourdough Toast (mushrooms in paprika & cream)                                                    £4.95


2 Poached Eggs on Sourdough Toast                                                                                                £4.95


Black Pudding and Bacon Stack with Poached Egg & Grilled Tomato                                                      £7.25


The Lighter Breakfast sausage, bacon, tomato with fried or poached egg,

slice of toast with tea or coffee                                                                                                        £7.25


Jon’s All Day Breakfast sausage, bacon, mushrooms, fried slice, black pudding,

beans or tomato with 2 fried or poached eggs, slice of toast & tea or coffee                                               £8.95


Brekkie Without The Meat 2 poached or scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomato

2 toast with marmalade, tea or coffee (v)                                                                                            £6.25


The Breakfast Toastie bacon with maple syrup, fried egg, cheddar, tea or coffee                                         £6.55 



LIGHT BITES                                                                     


Homemade Soup Of The Day with warm crusty bread                                                                            £4.75


Soup & Sandwich today's soup with your choice of sandwich                                                                    £7.45


Double Egg & Chips                                                                                                                      £5.25


Ham, Double Egg & Chips                                                                                                              £8.25


Welsh Rarebit with Worcestershire Sauce & Sliced Tomato with Plum Chutney                                           £4.95


Homemade Quiche or Tart of The Day served with fresh salad & coleslaw                                                 £8.95





Warm Bacon & Wensleydale Caesar Salad crispy bacon pieces with wensleydale                                          £8.95

shavings on fresh leaves in a caesar dressing topped with a poached egg


Smoked Salmon & Prawn Marie Rose Salad a refreshing salad of strips of                                                £9.95

smoked salmon tossed in honey & mustard dressed leaves topped with juicy prawns in marie rose


Traditional Ploughmans Lunch local hand carved ham with local cheeses,

chicken liver pate pickled onions, real ale chutney, fresh leaf salad and warm crusty bread                            £8.95


Authentic Greek Salad feta cheese with chunky tomatoes, cucumber, red onions

with fresh mixed olives finished with a balsamic olive oil dressing                                                            £8.95



SANDWICHES served on granary or white bread with a fresh salad & Tortilla Chips                            from £5.25                                   


Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

Prawn Marie Rose with Oakleaf Lettuce

Yorkshire Ham & Mustard

Yorkshire Ham, Brie & Cranberry

Sausage, Caramelised Red Onion & Tomato Relish

Coronation Chicken


TOASTED SANDWICH served with a fresh salad                                                                          from £5.95


Bacon & Brie & Cranberry

Bacon, Cheddar, Mayonnaise & Red Onion

The Spicy One – Bacon, Brie & Chorizo with Tomato Relish

Yorkshire Ham & Mature Cheddar

Mature Cheddar & Real Ale Chutney

Yorkshire Ham, Blue Cheese and Tomato Relish

Brie & Roasted Pepper

Tuna & Cheddar Melt




Toasted Teacake & Butter                                                                                                              £1.95

Toasted Teacake, Butter & Jam                                                                                                       £2.25

Toasted Teacake, Butter & Honey                                                                                                    £2.25


Toasted Crumpets & Butter                                                                                                            £2.25

Toasted Crumpets, Butter & Honey                                                                                                   £2.55


Homemade Fruit Scone with Butter                                                                                                  £1.95

Homemade Fruit Scone, Butter & Jam                                                                                              £2.25

The Full Works – Homemade Scone, Butter, Jam & Lashings of Cream                                                     £2.95


All Slices in Display Cabinet                                                                                                           £1.85

A Full Range Of Homemade Cakes in Display Cabinet                                                                          £2.95